The Sustainability Collaborative

After three decades of pioneering work The Natural Step activities in Sweden are entering an exciting new phase. We have set out to connect our network of experienced sustainability professionals with clients and like-minded partner organisations to achieve ”sustainable transformations” by launching a new practitioner hub. Why? Because we recognize that the next decade is critical. If we are to succeed in addressing mounting sustainability challenges and fully unlock the opportunities of sustainability-driven innovation, we will need to aim higher. The empowering of practitioners to bring about more collaboration at scale and across disciplines, within our networks and throughout the entire sustainability movement is critical to our shared success.

The Natural Step’s Sustainability Collaborative team offers a range of training, advisory and facilitation services for practitioners, for individual organisations and multi-stakeholder initiatives and consortiums.  Please get in contact with us if you share an interest in amplifying your impact or are looking for support from committed professionals dedicated to solving your sustainability challenges.


Contact: Richard Blume

Tel: +46768432196

Email: richard.blume(at)