We are a leading partner for organisations ready to address humanities grand challenges to create a better future. We enable decision makers to manage complexity, define their future position and seize opportunities for short and long term success.

Since 1989, we have worked with thousands of corporations, municipalities, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations that have proven that moving strategically toward sustainability leads to new opportunities, reduced costs and dramatically reduced ecological and social impacts.

With almost thirty years of experience helping organizations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability, The Natural Step has 12 offices with associates and strategic partners in 54 countries.

News from our offices around the world

Sustain in Time declares bankruptcy

'Sustain in Time' , the Swedish member office of The Natural Step International, declared bankruptcy due to acute cash flow crisis related to the development of its online offering 'Sustain Online'. Some of the consulting staff of Sustain in Time will try to re-group...

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World Circular Economy Forum 2019 Wraps Up in Finland: Next Step Canada

This month representatives from The Natural Step’s teams around the world were at the World Circular Economy Forum, which took place in Helsinki Finland 3-5 June. The event, brought together over 2200 of the world’s top business leaders, policymakers, researchers and innovators working to implement the circular economy globally. Topics ranged from plastics, construction, and textiles, to promising circular product-service concepts to policy frameworks and how to measure circularity.

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VinylPlus Announces Recycling Record: Seeks to Accelerate Innovation

VinylPlus is the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment towards sustainable development. Working with The Natural Step, VinylPlus announced record levels of recycling at #VSF2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. The industry is now 92.4% of its way towards its 2020 target, recycling nearly 5 million tonnes of PVC since 2000.

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The Natural Step elects new chairman and board

On December 12 2018, The Natural Step held its Annual General Meeting where the council elected a new board. The new board consists of: Patrik Sandin (The Natural Step China) - Chairman of the board Antonio Vasconcelos (The Natural Step Portugal) - Treasurer of the...

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The Natural Step Chemical Coalition

I am pleased to introduce you to The Natural Step’s new chemicals sub-site and ‘chemicals coalition’. We are a team of Sustainability and Business Advisors representing various offices of The Natural Step and working at the interface between chemicals, materials and product sustainability.

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The Food We Don’t See

Would you feel comfortable emptying your wallet into the trash can? No? But that's exactly what many of us do on a daily basis. Fact is, the average person throws away 1/4 of the food they buy without thinking about it. Food waste is a global challenge. Not many...

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