The Natural Step via its China office has over the past couple of years developed “Exponential Sustainability Sprint” to help its clients “accelerate through the funnel”. The Exponential Sustainability Sprint methodology leverages The Natural Step’s proven Sustainability Principles and Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, which has its roots over 30 years ago, and the Exponential Organizations framework developed by Salim Ismail, Founding Executive Director of Singularity University and promoted by ExO Works, the global transformation agency he founded. 

The Natural Step China has worked with a number of Fortune 1000’s in training their executives on sustainability, how to leverage exponential technologies and digitalization to rapidly scale the impact of their sustainability initiatives. In addition, we have shown the value creation opportunities that lie at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization by taking them through an intensive co-creation process called the Exponential Sustainability Sprint.  For example, one of our clients, a market leading Fortune 600 Chemical company now has three ideas funded as startups that will help solve the negative environmental and social impacts of their core business.

RISE Corporate Innovation Summit has more workshops than talks with a format designed to empower leaders with the mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets to innovate. Founder RISE aspires to create a movement that transforms Thailand and Southeast Asia from the ground up through real business transformation. This year Corporate Innovation Summit (CIS 2020) builds upon the success of over 4,000 CEOs and Top Executives from around the world joining CIS 2019. CIS 2020 will feature 240+ hands-on workshops, allowing the attendees to learn hands-on and have immersive experiences of doing it themselves. CIS will be organized around five key themes: Corporate Innovation; Future of Work; Deep Technology; Creative Innovation and; Social Innovation and Sustainability – where executives can converge and take masterminds from leaders behind these global movements.

During RISE Corporate Innovation Summit, our The Natural Step International chairman Patrik Sandin will give a keynote of the value creation opportunities at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization and together with Lin Zhang, Executive Director of The Natural Step China, they will run a series of workshops where the summit participants gets to experience first-hand how an Exponential Sustainability Sprint feels like. 

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