Rethinking strategic management’ is now available globally. This strategy book is extremely relevant for any organization that is in doubt or already committed, to future-proofing themselves and their environment by solving the grand societal challenges of our times. It speaks to ‘the business case for sustainability’ as well as ‘the sustainability case for business’. Various chapters refer to and advocate for applying The Natural Steps’ backcasting from sustainability principles and learn from the future we want.

Do not ask what sustainability can do for your business. Ask what your business can do for sustainability.

Professor Thomas Wunder (Editor)

With contributions from Henry Mintzberg, The Natural Step Germany (Rüdiger Röhrig and Edwin Janssen), The Club of Rome, Interface, Siemens, VAUDE and many others, this book offers innovative ideas and frameworks for sustainable strategizing to advance business by scaling-up its positive impact, which is so urgently needed at this time in the 21st century. 

Published by Springer it was pre-released at the #AOM2019 in Boston and is available globally in hardcopy and electronic format.

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