The complexities of today’s global challenges demand change in how businesses operate. New, adequate approaches are needed to address the pressing issues. That is why Sustain In Time, together with The Natural Step network, created the world’s first digital sustainability platform – SustainOnline – to accelerate change in the way we do business. As a Corporate Sustainability Solution (CSS), the vision is to reach sustainability in time, by allowing a new way of working with sustainability – digitally.

Based on 30 years of experience and advanced scientific research, the platform stems from the success of The Natural Step’s framework for strategic sustainable development. SustainOnline aims to drive sustainable organizational change by engaging all employees in the organization. It provides credible and insightful knowledge and tools that are easily understandable and applicable in practice.

SustainOnline consists of three main features: Academy, Tools, and Insights.

The Academy contains hundreds of user-tailored, bite-sized videos, tutorials and quizzes carefully curated for business and sustainability; Tools help organizations foster innovation and reduce costs; Insights show which actions generate results, measure progress and monitor changes and actions in real-time.

Altogether the platform allows engaging all employees, considerably increase knowledge about sustainability at all levels in the organization, and facilitate teamwork over new initiatives. Ultimately, SustainOnline allows companies to align business goals with sustainability goals.

With the help of The Natural Step’s most experienced, senior advisors and a new, skilled team at Sustain In Time, we are certain the sustainability platform can reach its full potential.

The platform will be launching soon, available to all organizations for 1 euro per employee per month.

We wish SustainOnline great success in the digital world of sustainability and look forward to our further cooperation on the project.

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