The missing link between chemicals and sustainability – lets bridge the gap together!

Chemicals are everywhere, and now – so it seems to us – is the discussion about chemicals and their effects on society and the environment. While that is a good thing, there are many who see the need for a better conversation and more coordinated action on chemicals.

With this in mind, as Chair of The Natural Step International, I am pleased to introduce you to The Natural Step’s new chemicals sub-site and ‘chemicals coalition’. We are a team of Sustainability and Business Advisors representing various offices of The Natural Step and working at the interface between chemicals, materials and product sustainability. You can learn more here:

Those familiar with The Natural Step’s work know that chemicals is a topic that we always address with our science-based approach. The Chemicals Coalition is aiming to be contact points for larger initiatives and for anyone interested to understand more specifically how to make the connection between micro and macro perspectives on chemicals and their sustainable life cycle management. We know this will appeal to both actors within the chemical industry itself and downstream users of chemicals.

We have a number of ongoing initiatives in this area and more will come. Please reach out to us if you’d like to have a briefing on our work and explore what we could do together.


Outi Ugas.

Chair, The Natural Step International