Would you feel comfortable emptying your wallet into the trash can? No? But that’s exactly what many of us do on a daily basis. Fact is, the average person throws away 1/4 of the food they buy without thinking about it.

Food waste is a global challenge. Not many people know that it’s a huge factor to drive climate change. The UN set an ambitious target to half food waste per person by 2030, and countries are gradually taking action. So do we at The Natural Step.

At The Food We Don’t See, Michal Bitterman, CEO and co-founder of The Natural Step Israel, talks about the price we all pay for food waste and why we should care about it. She explains what actions are taken to stop it, and how you too can take part in the change. Watch the talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOPMqiKho-c

The Sustainability Transition Food Waste Lab

The Lab’s model, first of its kind in Israel, creates systemic changes by collaborations of diverse stakeholders who together find breakthrough solutions. The partnership of the Lab engages over 40 organizations, including governmental ministries, local municipalities, food producers, retailers, the IDF, academic institutions and other professional bodies. Read more »


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