The Natural Step International

The purpose of The Natural Step International is to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable global society. It will do this by supporting its members who will engage individuals and organizations to take concrete action towards, and beyond, ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

The decision making council of TNS International is composed of 10 member offices which actively contribute to the development of The Natural Step as a global organization.

The underlying premise for the work of the association and its members is a scientific, systemic and strategic approach to achieving sustainability as codified in the ‘Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development’ (FSSD), and focused on:

  • (a)  Empowering individuals – empowering interested people to become effective change agents for sustainability;
  • (b)  Organisations – creating future-fit organisations and role models for sustainable business and communities;
  • (c)  Facilitating systems change towards future-fitness – delivering break-through results that make whole systems more sustainable.

(an excerpt from The Natural Step International statutes, approved by member offices in May 24th, 2017) 

The Natural Step International decision making structure - statutes, members, board and administration in the center, surrounded by 11 countries

TNSI Annual reports

Annual reports of The Natural Step International, a non-profit based in Sweden (since 2014):

Annual reports of The Natural Step International, UK based registered charity (until 2014):


Board 2019-2020 

Patrik Sandin, China (Chair)
António Vasconcelos, Portugal (Treasurer)
Berend Aanraad, The Netherlands

New chair (Sandin) was elected in TNSI’s annual general meeting, held online December 12th, 2018. 

Previous complete board was elected in TNSI annual general meeting in Lisbon, September 25th, 2017.