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  • Det Naturliga Stegets vision är ett hållbart samhälle. Vår verksamhet går ut på att öka takten i hållbar utveckling genom att skapa engagemang, bygga kompetens och erbjuda metoder. Sedan 1989 har vi inspirerat beslutsfattare, företagare och akademin till att göra världen mer hållbar och på samma gång utvecklat och spritt ett vetenskapligt baserat ramverk som idag har ett stort antal aktiva användare världen över. 


    • New collaboration for sustainability in the leather industry - Stahl and The Natural Step

      Stahl logoThe Natural Step is pleased to announce a new sustainability collaboration with Stahl, a world leading company specialised in quality coatings for leather and performance coatings, as well as chemicals and dyes for leather processing.

      Like many other leading companies, Stahl has begun to better organise and integrate sustainable development into its business. Early in 2013, The Natural Step engaged the Stahl Mananagement Team in a process to look at the big picture global trends and responses from the corporate sector and identify specific business opportunities for the company. 

    • Beckers Sustainability Report 2012 – a case of linking strategy, sustainability principles and GRI reporting.
      Beckers logo.jpg

      The Beckers Group, a partner of The Natural Step since 2008, has recently released its first global sustainability report. We are pleased to share the report here and to provide comment on how the process leading to this report has used two different sustainability methods - the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines - to help the company define, measure and report progress.

    • TNS Sweden: factory, field, shop…and bed

      Here is a snapshot update of some of the work that's been going on in The Natural Step Sweden office lately. It was originally posted as part of the Spring 2013 Stepping Stones Newsletter.

      Our Swedish office gets a sharp, new leader while hosting ongoing collaborations for sustainability across a variety of sectors in Sweden and Europe. On high street, a fashion brand has a look at its product life cycles while the leather industry zeroes in on its processing chemicals. Out on the ranch, the Swedish beef industry rounds up the challenges of sustainable meat production. On the factory floor, the PVC industry continues to work toward its vision of PVC in a sustainable society, with support and coaching from The Natural Step. And after a long day of running around to all these places, our advisors sneak into a few choice hotels to see how sustainably they can be pampered.

    • We recommend - Urban Agriculture Summit in Linköping
      UAsummit gradlogo invert.jpg


      29-31 januari 2013 Linköping, Sweden

      Det Naturliga Steget is an Endorsing Partner of this event and will participate and highly recommend our friends and parterns to join in.

      The year 2050 we will be 9 billion on Earth. 80% of us will live in cities. The cities are expanding in a way that will force longer transports of what we grow for food. At the same time the land suitable for cultivation will not suffice. We are approaching a future where serious conflicts regarding food as a resource is close at hand. D.S.

    • Nike looks to their North Star

      The Opportunity

      In 1998, Nike approached The Natural Step to help the company apply the principles of sustainability to its business operations. Over the following decade, Nike made considerable progress on a number of fronts, such as addressing labour compliance issues in their supply chain, reducing emissions, and eliminating toxic materials from their products. However, by 2008 a sentiment was building among the leaders of the company that these efforts were mostly about reducing negative impacts of their business and, as such, were backward rather than forward looking. To better align its efforts with the Nike culture, the company needed an aspirational goal to drive innovation efforts and align the ongoing work into a single forward-looking direction.

      The Response

      With leadership from Nike’s Director of Corporate Responsibility Horizons and the General Manager of Nike Considered, Nike and The Natural Step developed a project that would lead to transformative change in the organization and further position the company as a leader in sustainable product innovation.


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