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  • ***News flash...Adding Sustainable Value***

    Learn to drive lasting change with New Zealand's leading sustainability business programme

    This year we've partnered with Otago Polytechnic, the Sustainable Business Council and the BusinessNZ regional associations to deliver Adding Sustainable Value nationwide.

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    Adding Sustainable Value:

    • is a proven programme of workshops and workplace projects
    • gives you an internationally successful framework for making the decisions that will shape your organisation's future
    • uses a unique team-based approach designed to embed sustainability and achieve scale

    The programme is ideal for:

    • executives serious about making a difference in their business
    • business leaders (owner / managers) looking for quick gains whilst future-shaping the organisation
    • public sector organisations looking for a common framework and language to facilitate change.

    In 2014 this high calibre programme will be deliverd by TNSNZ accredited Associates in 7 regions:  Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

    Adding Sustainable Value delivers practical business outcomes and certified professional development:

    • a strategic business plan integrating sustainability and a practical action plan
    • a level 5 NZQA Certificate in Sustainable Practice qualification from Otago Polytechinic.  

    Have a look at the ASV website for further details and to register your interest.  The programme is supported with some local funding, and eligible businesses may qualify for the NZTE voucher scheme.

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    The Natural Step NZ

    The Natural Step NZ is a leading provider of advisory services, training and support for organisations recognising the financial benefits of a more strategic approach to sustainability.  Our team of highly qualified and  accredited Associates are experts in helping you and your team make sense of sustainability.  Our clients not only enjoy the financial pay offs of a sustainable approach, but also reap the rewards of an enhanced reputation, improved staff morale, and reduced risk profile.

    TNSNZ is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity.  Our focus is on enabling others to do well by doing good.  If you wish to support our work by way of a donation or sponsorship, please get in touch.

    To find out more about how we can help you, and to learn about our upcoming training courses, email us at


    The Natural Step network - a global community

    The Natural Step global network is an international network of sustainability professionals dedicated to education, advisory work and research in sustainable development. Since 1989, we have worked with thousands of corporations, municipalities, academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations.  With many accolades and international awards under our belt, The Natural Step is a proven source of reliable and high quality advice on sustainability.


    Rigorous science. Practical solutions.

    The Natural Step Framework is a proven, scientifically robust model that helps organisations take practical steps towards being more sustainable. We research the science of sustainability and link it to real world applications. We create dialogue about the opportunities and challenges in building a sustainable future. We are accelerating change toward sustainability.

    If you're serious about sustainability, contact us on to find out how we can help.

    • "The Natural Step is a clear voice in the commotion."

      Leif Johansson, CEO, Volvo Group


    • The Natural Step aligns with ecoPortal software

      Organisations often struggle to translate their sustainability strategies into meaningful and practical progress. This can be due to a lack of visibility or understanding of the strategy, absence of engagement from key stakeholders or the lack of a systematic approach to managing improvement projects.

      ecoPortal was developed in New Zealand to help organisations overcome these challenges to effectively implement their sustainability strategy. TNS Accredited Associates Ian Challenger of Future Challengers and Simon Harvey of BusinessLab have partnered with ecoPortal to deliver sustainability services using the tool.

    • TNS New Zealand: A Wealth of Engagements

      Here is a snapshot update of some of the work that's been going on in The Natural Step New Zealand office lately. It was originally posted as part of the Spring 2013 Stepping Stones Newsletter.

      With its diverse network of Natural Step associates, TNS New Zealand engages in a rich array of initiatives that span Kiwi society. Whether it’s examining how a western-born framework for strategic sustainable development translates to an indigenous Māori context, offering sustainability training to businesses, community development, translating the living building challenge to local conditions, or delving into what sustainable health sector policies would look like, our New Zealand associates are working to bring a systems perspective and strategic sustainability to every arena in their beautiful country.

    • Karl-Henrik Robèrt and other Blue Planet Prize winners call for Transformational Change in paper launched this week at UNEP

      Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Founder of The Natural Step, joined a group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development today in calling for urgent changes to policies and institutions to enable humanity to tackle environmental crises and improve human wellbeing.

      The group – all past winners of the Blue Planet Prize – have gathered in London to finalise a paper that will be launched at the UN Environment Programme’s Governing Council meeting in Nairobi on 20-22 February.

      The paper will emphasise transformational solutions to key environment and development challenges. It highlights the policies, technologies and behaviour changes required to protect the local, regional and global environment, stimulate the economy and enhance the livelihoods of the poor.

      The paper, Environmental and Development Challenges: The imperative to act comes ahead of the Rio+20 conference in Brazil in June, which marks the 20th anniversary of the historic UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio Earth Summit).

      To view the draft paper, please visit Blue Planet Laureates: Environmental and Development Challenges – The Imperative to Act

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