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  • Vitalize a sua Gestão para o Sucesso Sustentável...
    com a abordagem integral e objetiva The Natural Step


    • Karl-Henrik Robèrt and other Blue Planet Prize winners call for Transformational Change in paper launched this week at UNEP

      Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Founder of The Natural Step, joined a group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development today in calling for urgent changes to policies and institutions to enable humanity to tackle environmental crises and improve human wellbeing.

      The group – all past winners of the Blue Planet Prize – have gathered in London to finalise a paper that will be launched at the UN Environment Programme’s Governing Council meeting in Nairobi on 20-22 February.

      The paper will emphasise transformational solutions to key environment and development challenges. It highlights the policies, technologies and behaviour changes required to protect the local, regional and global environment, stimulate the economy and enhance the livelihoods of the poor.

      The paper, Environmental and Development Challenges: The imperative to act comes ahead of the Rio+20 conference in Brazil in June, which marks the 20th anniversary of the historic UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio Earth Summit).

      To view the draft paper, please visit Blue Planet Laureates: Environmental and Development Challenges – The Imperative to Act

    • The Natural Step Story: Seeding a Quiet Revolution (NEW: Now available in audiobook format!)
      By Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Founder, The Natural Step
      NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIOBOOK FORMAT! See details below...

      It may be unlikely that a Swedish karate champion, family man, and cancer scientist could be at the center of developing a systems approach to life on Earth that could revolutionize the way humans operate in the world, but this is the story of just that: the idea and the man behind it.

      As a cancer specialist, Karl-Henrik Robèrt faced a stream of parents who would sacrifice anything to save their children. Yet that same selflessness did not seem to extend to saving the environment, as debate on how to achieve sustainability was divided, with no agreement on universal principles. But Robèrt's experience convinced him that consensus on how to meet the most basic requirements of life should be possible.

    • News Release: Dr. Robèrt To Be Inducted Into ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame

      On behalf of the entire Natural Step community, it is my pleasure to congratulate Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt for being inducted into the International Society of Sustainability Professionals’ (ISSP) Sustainability Hall of Fame.  I am personally thrilled that the ISSP recognized Dr.

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